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We're Excited To Launch Our New Site!

by Anthony James |

So, we're super excited to be launching our new website and although this is not the final design, this is our temporary site so we can get the business back online while we finish the new e-commerce section.  In the meantime, here is a quick update, "FAQ style".

Is open for business and taking orders?

Absolutely, we're back and fully in business.  If you're looking to create a custom boat flag you can start the order process by going to the Create A Flag page and filling the short form.

What products and services do you sell?

To be the best at any one thing, you really have to focus.  We focused on custom boat flags and that is all we do!  Here at, you work directly with our designers to create exactly what you're looking for.

How much does a custom boat flag cost?

On average a custom boat flag costs about $99, sometimes less, but depending on the simplicity/complexity of the design or size of the flag, they can be as low as $69 and as high as $199 or more.

What does "custom boat flag" really mean?

It means exactly that :).  Our company helps you create custom, one-of-a-kind boat flags just for your vessel - anything goes - see our boat flag gallery for ideas.

What other products do you sell?

The only other products we have in our shop are boat flag poles and mounts. If we don't have what you need for your custom boat flag, we'll find it and get it for you! We want to be a 1-stop-shop for custom boat flags.

How does the design process work?

We take the design process very seriously, but keep it light and simple on you rend.  Once you choose a product (type, size of flag, etc) we then as you to submit your ideas. These ideas can be just a simple email or a sketch or drawing - anything goes.  Once we have your ideas our creative directors get to work and usually get back to you with a few preliminary concepts within 24 hours.  We then do a little back and forth and once you fall in love with the design, we will put it into production and get it made, and shipped to you as quickly as possible. That's it!

I have a great idea for my boat, how do I connect with you?

Please, don't be shy.  We're a bunch of creatives and love new ideas.  Email us anytime here: or

Lastly, we're getting our new social media channels up and running, so if you're on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, connect with us there too!

Back to you guys soon and thank you in advance for all of your support!!

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